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Sialkot, Pakistan is the land of soccer balls. near to 50% of the soccer balls are produced from here in the world. its City Sialkot, Pakistan, from there Factories, the 40% of soccer ball of the world are Factory production.

Worbel-Sports is one of the Pakistan’s leading  Goalkeeper gloves & Garments manufacturers, at the forefront of concept design, prototype innovation and full scale production; producing and distributing Products of the highest quality to small and medium sized Brands brands.

We have strategically placed manufacturing facilities, which gives us the capability to be able to produce items at both low quantities and bulk alike. As a result of constant innovation, Worbel Sports is proud to offer industry leading minimum order quantities for the production of custom goods.

Worbel-Sports has the aim to have a top manufacturing and exporting business concern of footballs, Goalkeeper Gloves, Sportswear, Cycling Accessories, Gymwear, Gym Accessories, soccer balls, Equipment, Goalkeeping gloves (GK Gloves), soccer jerseys, football shirts, uniforms, Goalie Gloves, etc.
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Why Choose Worbel Sports


Utilizing the infrastructure we’re able to give extremely competitive pricing for low-quantity custom items, offering fantastic markups when retailing or distributing.

Low Order Quantity

Our minimum order quantities are the lowest. We also allow you to split sizing within our minimum order quantity, meaning you can start your brand with a larger range as opposed to a limited collection.


Specializing in the manufacturing industry for startups and small to medium-sized brands, we have experience in making brands from just an idea, to a reality.

If your query is urgent please contact our customer service team between 9am – 5pm, Monday to Saturday.

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Worbel Sports
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