Make your own style Cycling wears in any fabric by Worbel Sports factory in Sialkot Pakistan in small and big quantity on order.

Who We Are

Worbel Sports is the company based in Pakistan of Cycling wear Manufacturer. Worbel Sports is one of the rising name in the line of Cycling manufacturing factories in Pakistan and also known as Globally since 2015. We aim to provide a best quality cycling wear to our costumers.

If your are looking for an manufacturer / supplier of your product relating any type of Cycling wear Manufacturer, Bib Short, Apparel, Men’s wear, Winter wear, Sportswear or any other type of product relating to textile, don’t you need to go any where. You have come at right place. You can get exactly what you want from here.

What is Cycling wear?

Shorts made explicitly for cycling will give you the most solace while riding. They are intended to be stretchy for opportunity of development and accompany an underlying cushioned groin liner to give pad, wipe out grinding and diminish dampness. Most bicycle shorts are made with Lycra, which is an entirely breathable texture.

How We Work

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Fully Customizable Clothes

Worbel Sports was resulting from conviction did as well Cycling. So being at administration of Cycling Clothing Worbel Sports trusts that the cycling ensemble must convey that very conviction in it. In this way, Worbel Sports does not settle on its qualities, for example, Reliability, Safety, Comfort and Design while making Triathlon and Base layers trendy, imaginative and reasonable.

A consistent inclination and work out for specialized advancement has made Worbel Sports one of Pakistan’s quickest developing Cycling wear Manufacturer Company, Worbel Sports stands one next to the other with world’s best brands serving clients with its amazing clothing & Sports items, dimension of administration, introduction and polished methodology. Worbel Sports along these lines keeps on setting measures among Cycling ( Jersey, Bib Shorts, Suit etc), Triathlon and Baselayer Apparel makers. 

Global Supply Chain

Our strategically placed worldwide manufacturing facilities allow us to offer extremely competitive prices for fully custom Cycling wear Manufacturer. Being based in Central Sialkot Pakistan, we are able to help our clients stay ahead in the fast-paced world of Garments. Offering the lowest order minimum quantity in the industry means we can offer production solutions for small businesses, while other clothes manufacturers in the Pakistan may not entertain the needs of start ups.

Each item of Cycling wear  we produce is carefully cut and stitched by hand, with each garment subject to stages of quality control to ensure they meet the high standards of our customers. 

Manufacturing Process

We at Worbel Sports offer many encompassing brand solutions. To complement our Cycling wear manufacturing service we offer a vast array of other services to assist Garments brands. We have a standard manufacturing strategy which is applied to most orders. Here you can find answers to some of our mostly frequent asked questions but for any additional information please feel free to contact us.

We are Specialized in Following Products

What Materials we work with




You can also ask us for demanded material


Embossing is a popular customization method which is achieved by applying surface treatments to the fabric which make it look like it has been gotten thicker. But in the ever changing world of fashion it is a very popular way for brands to create unique items. T-Shirts are commonly Embossed however some brands also Emboss casual wear like Bomber Jackets and others.


Embroidery is the term used to describe the method of decorating fabrics with a needle and thread. Embroidery is most commonly used in brand items with a logo which is instantly recognizable to a consumer. Embroidery is a machine based process, where the logo is digitized in to a file which could be understood by the machine before a needle and thread automatically creates the design. This means there could be some limitations when it comes to size and complexity but we will always advise if we have any concern about your logo.


We offer a vast range of printing methods, most commonly screen printing is commonly used to transfer the large designs to a piece of clothing and is suited for use in quite simple design. Using a layered stencil system through, which ink is pressed, screen printing gives a unique finish. Modern techniques like digital, Sublimation printing are used to create results which are too complex for screen printing.

Printing Types

Screen Printing

Silicon Printing

Heat Transfer Printing

Sublimation Printing

Hidency Printing

Embroidery Types

Towel Embroidery

3D Embroidery

Embroidery Patches



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